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Your fingers will most likely be safe with Touch ID

With the iPhone 5s coming out this Friday some skeptics have wondered if the new fingerprint sensor will lead to a rise in gruesome crimes -- fingers getting chopped off by thieves so they can steal your phone and unlock it, too. While it's hard to imagine tha... READ THE FULL STORY


Your Android phone may be less secure than an iPhone

An internal memo put out by the Department of Homeland Security claims that Android phones are far more susceptible to malware attacks when compared to other smartphones. By stark contrast, iOS only accounted for a fraction of a percent of malware attacks. ... READ THE FULL STORY


Erase personal data from your computer with ease

No matter how hard you try to protect your privacy, your computer probably has some of your most sensitive data stored on it somewhere. While that information might not seem easily accessible, it often is, and needs to be wiped if you plan on upgrading, sellin... READ THE FULL STORY

Digital Life

How private is your email, really?

Email has been the lifeblood of the Internet for decades. It's where private interactions, business transactions, personal correspondence, and fiscal information are transferred and stored. And because its communication is person to person and not publicly d... READ THE FULL STORY

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This is the droid you're looking for

Losing your phone is a quick way to ruin your day. Sometimes we get lucky and it's just been misplaced someplace like a car or couch. For times when it's not that simple, locating it via its built-in GPS can be really beneficial, or better yet, what if you n... READ THE FULL STORY