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Why can't your 12-year-old have a Facebook account?

Anyone who's ever watched any news report or crime show has probably been told about how dangerous the Internet can be for children. So what should you do when your child wants a Facebook account? There's more options than you think...including a simple, legal... READ THE FULL STORY


Erase personal data from your computer with ease

No matter how hard you try to protect your privacy, your computer probably has some of your most sensitive data stored on it somewhere. While that information might not seem easily accessible, it often is, and needs to be wiped if you plan on upgrading, sellin... READ THE FULL STORY

Digital Life

How private is your email, really?

Email has been the lifeblood of the Internet for decades. It's where private interactions, business transactions, personal correspondence, and fiscal information are transferred and stored. And because its communication is person to person and not publicly d... READ THE FULL STORY


Manage your privacy settings like a boss

With so many social networks available, there is no shortage of tools for sharing -- but with so many ways to connect, managing your privacy across the networks can also be cumbersome. We've looked at some popular services to help you find how to get to th... READ THE FULL STORY


Take control of your Facebook profile

Facebook has been no stranger to privacy issues, often with users getting upset hat ow difficult it can be to set their own privacy on the site. Even though it's still a bit of a challenge to figure out, it's much easier than in the past and we'll help you... READ THE FULL STORY