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Never run out of lives in Candy Crush Saga

Sitting on the couch, laying in bed, or waiting at the airport, you've probably pulled out your smartphone or tablet for a quick fix of Candy Crush Saga. Except you've run out of lives, and now you're stuck waiting....and waiting. Don't worry, there ... READ THE FULL STORY

This Exists

A onesie that could save your baby's life

With smartwatches like the Pebble and the Galaxy Gear, fitness wristbands like the Fitbit Flex or the Nike+ Fuelband, and even Google Glass making waves in the tech world, it was only a matter of time before we got our children in on the act. We already have e... READ THE FULL STORY

Buy this, not that!

Which iPhone, which network, and why?

This week, Apple announced two new iPhones, and just in case you're thinking that it's time to buy one, we've collected and condensed what we think are the big things to take into consideration when you buy one. From carrier to the actual phones, we'll help yo... READ THE FULL STORY

More Betterer

iOS gets a facelift with iOS 7

If you've been happy with the way your iOS has looked on your device for the last few years get ready for a big change. At Apple's World Wide Developer Conference earlier this year, the latest version of iOS was shown off and when it's officially released you... READ THE FULL STORY

Digital Life

What to do with your old smartphone

​With new smartphones appearing on what seems like a monthly basis across both large and small carriers alike, there's a good chance a recent upgrade has left you with a device you no longer need -- or do you? Modern smartphones are capable of so many useful f... READ THE FULL STORY

Hands On

IFTTT brings online automation to the iPhone

IFTTT (If This Then That) is an online tool for fully automating your online life. Using "recipes" - as the site calls its automated tasks - you can seamlessly integrate popular services like Instagram and Gmail, enabling functions that transcend each servic... READ THE FULL STORY