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Never run out of lives in Candy Crush Saga

Sitting on the couch, laying in bed, or waiting at the airport, you've probably pulled out your smartphone or tablet for a quick fix of Candy Crush Saga. Except you've run out of lives, and now you're stuck waiting....and waiting. Don't worry, there ... READ THE FULL STORY

More Betterer

iOS gets a facelift with iOS 7

If you've been happy with the way your iOS has looked on your device for the last few years get ready for a big change. At Apple's World Wide Developer Conference earlier this year, the latest version of iOS was shown off and when it's officially released you... READ THE FULL STORY

Digital Life

Could an iPad be your child's new teacher?

School districts around the world are buying iPads in record numbers, with Texas and Michigan school districts using the tablets to supplement their curricula. In the case of several Dutch schools, the tablets have begun to replace textbooks outright, and edu... READ THE FULL STORY


Use a tablet to edit photos on the go

A good tablet can be an effective tool for getting work done. When it comes to photography, either for work or just as a hobby, getting the right shot means being active and being ready. With the right apps and the right equipment, a powerful, portable tablet... READ THE FULL STORY


How to turn a tablet into a writer's companion

Tablets are the perfect media consuming devices. They are portable, have high quality screens, long battery life, and, like the recently-updated Nexus 7, they can be a good value. Laptops can be expensive and desktops aren't mobile, but both are often seen a... READ THE FULL STORY


A Must-have Android tablet

A year ago Google teamed up with computer manufacturer ASUS to deliver an Android tablet to consumers at a reasonable price. The result was the Nexus 7, a tablet that had us calling it the best 7-inch tablet available; this was pre-iPad mini. One year later ... READ THE FULL STORY

Don't Do It!

Please don't use your iPad as a camera

You've seen them at concerts, in malls, and maybe even at a few family gatherings, and you probably shake your head every single time -- unless you happen to be one of them. I'm talking, of course, about iPad photographers, holding their tablets up at shoulde... READ THE FULL STORY