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Digital Life

Build your own phone with Phonebloks

Phonebloks is a new concept for cell phones that lets you pick-and-mix your handset's components and upgrade them separately, one at a time. Need a better camera? Swap out the camera block and keep the rest of the mobile intact. Want extra battery life? Inst... READ THE FULL STORY

Worth Another Look

Give Android a chance

Paul Stamatiou, a designer at Twitter, recently published a thoughtful blog post titled "Android is better." He details an experiment that had him trying a Nexus 4 out for just a week before returning back to his iPhone. But it didn't turn out like he expected... READ THE FULL STORY


The Android phones you should buy

Buying almost anything pricey or important can be a stressful experience, and one of the goals over at gdgt is to make that experience easier when it comes to electronics. If you're in the market for a new Android smartphone we're here to give you our picks f... READ THE FULL STORY

Don't Do It!

Walk... don't text, when you cross the street

We love our gadgets. Every time we go for a walk, we have our headphones on. We read texts or watch video clips when we get bored. Unfortunately, that same boredom we're trying to avoid might have been saving our lives. As a recent Wired column has reminded u... READ THE FULL STORY