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Digital Life

Time to go on a diet from binge-watching TV?

There is no shortage of digital video content available to consumers due in part to services like Netflix, Amazon Instant, HBO Go, iTunes, Hulu, and more. With these video-on-demand services it's easy for someone to quickly catch up on a current drama or come... READ THE FULL STORY

Digital Life

What to do with your old smartphone

​With new smartphones appearing on what seems like a monthly basis across both large and small carriers alike, there's a good chance a recent upgrade has left you with a device you no longer need -- or do you? Modern smartphones are capable of so many useful f... READ THE FULL STORY

Digital Life

Netflix vs. Amazon: Which should you choose?

There are a lot of options if you're looking to watch all your TV shows and movies digitally. Some are subscription based and some are pay-per-view, each offering their own content. Providers like Netflix and Amazon are bringing their own original content to... READ THE FULL STORY