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Your fingers will most likely be safe with Touch ID

With the iPhone 5s coming out this Friday some skeptics have wondered if the new fingerprint sensor will lead to a rise in gruesome crimes -- fingers getting chopped off by thieves so they can steal your phone and unlock it, too. While it's hard to imagine tha... READ THE FULL STORY

Worth Another Look

Why use Foursquare?

We love sharing details of our lives online, like what we're feeling, what we're eating, and what the sunset looks like from our bedroom window. But, many draw the line at sharing their exact location at the exact time they're there. Sometimes it's a matter of... READ THE FULL STORY


Double your monitors for double the fun

If you've ever walked into someone's office where they had more than one monitor set up for their computer, you may have asked, "Why?" Extra monitors can come across as geeky and a bit extravagant. But, if used properly, they can be a huge benefit.... READ THE FULL STORY