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Category: Why?

Buy a surge protector to save your expensive electronics

The weather is rolling in -- you can see the storm clouds on the horizon. You hear thunder in the distance as it slowly moves towards you. It starts to rain, the thunder gets louder, and suddenly, POW! -- your house is surging with electricity from a nearby li... READ THE FULL STORY

What is Android fragmentation, and how does it affect you?

The "fragmentation" of Android has been a point of contention since the inception of the Google's mobile operating system. But, as often as Google's multi-manufacturer strategy has been criticized for leaving Android and its devices too fragmented, it has also... READ THE FULL STORY

Do you still need a mouse pad?

Consider the lowly mousepad. It seems to belong to a bygone era when a mouse had a little rubber ball instead of a red light. Before there were multi-touch touchpads, touchscreen laptops, and hand gesture-reading devices like the Leap, the mouse pad was simp... READ THE FULL STORY

Know what you're buying: SSD vs. HDD

SSD and HDD: storage devices that can hold pictures from your family vacation, files from last year's taxes, and even your operating system -- and both are vastly different in how they treat your files. An HDD, or Hard Disk Drive, is a spinning, well, disk. ... READ THE FULL STORY

Do you really need a smartwatch?

Suddenly everyone wants in on the smartwatch business. Sony recently revealed the SmartWatch 2, marking the company's second generation device. And rumors are swirling that both Apple and Google are looking to grab a piece of your wrist. But are today's smart... READ THE FULL STORY

Do your kids need a tablet made just for them?

Gadgets for kids aren't anything new -- most of us have some electronic gadget we remember fondly from our youth, like a Fisher Price record player or the Talkboy cassette recorder (as famously seen in Home Alone). What is new is that everyone and their mothe... READ THE FULL STORY