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Exploring new languages has never been easier

Learning a second language has its benefits whether for work or if you're planning to travel internationally. Unfortunately, learning a language was usually a costly affair, costing upwards of $300+ for a program like Rosetta Stone. A new service called Duol... READ THE FULL STORY

Cars and homes can be hacked, should you be worried?

Last week at the hacking convention in Las Vegas known as DEF CON, researchers demonstrated the ability to hack into cars, homes, and many common household devices. Once access was gained, hackers were able to shut off engines, lock up brakes, and unlock doo... READ THE FULL STORY

What's the deal with NFC?

So you just got a shiny new Android, BlackBerry, or Windows smartphone, and you see on the box that it's NFC-enabled. What does that mean? What is NFC?... READ THE FULL STORY

This is the droid you're looking for

Losing your phone is a quick way to ruin your day. Sometimes we get lucky and it's just been misplaced someplace like a car or couch. For times when it's not that simple, locating it via its built-in GPS can be really beneficial, or better yet, what if you n... READ THE FULL STORY

This game's high score could destroy your phone

Our smartphones are very important to us. We use them to find places to eat, to check Facebook, to read our email, play games, and text our friends and family. And of course, we spend a lot of money on them. So it's no wonder we try to protect them, buying sty... READ THE FULL STORY

Your pets can play with gadgets, too

Most of your pets' technology exposure has come from the devices you've pointed at or put on them -- photos taken with your phone or camera (which they've probably ruined in some way), electronic collars that keep them from wandering out of your yard, or even ... READ THE FULL STORY