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Lock away temptation with the Kitchen Safe

A new gadget dubbed the Kitchen Safe gives you the power to keep temptation -- whether it's a box of cookies, or your PlayStation controller -- out of arm's reach for a set length of time. The easy-to-use time lock on top of the safe can be set for between on... READ THE FULL STORY

Print your own artwork (and more) at your local UPS Store

It used to be, that if you wanted to have a custom-designed piece of art, you had to seek out an artisan, haggle over the commission price, wait several weeks for the piece to be created, and then wait a few more weeks for delivery. Now, getting a custom sc... READ THE FULL STORY

A onesie that could save your baby's life

With smartwatches like the Pebble and the Galaxy Gear, fitness wristbands like the Fitbit Flex or the Nike+ Fuelband, and even Google Glass making waves in the tech world, it was only a matter of time before we got our children in on the act. We already have e... READ THE FULL STORY

Get real-time stats at the ball game with Google Glass

​We've discussed Google Glass before and its potential impact on social situations. But as more software developers start to play around with the device we're getting a larger glimpse of all it can offer. One possible area of use is in sports, as one developer... READ THE FULL STORY

Find everything but your iPhone with these apps

The mystery of where you last placed/lost your iPhone is easily solved, as the many success stories of Apple's Find My iPhone reveal. But as young as smartphones are, mankind still struggles to answer one of life's never-ending questions: where the heck did I... READ THE FULL STORY

Online advertising is broken, can it be fixed?

Every time you visit a website you're presented with an image, animated clip, or video advertising something. This is how a lot of websites make their money and over the course of the Internet's lifespan, advertisers have changed the way they deliver ads. Som... READ THE FULL STORY

Addicted to the Internet? There's a treatment for that

Next week, the Behavioral Health Services section of the Bradford Regional Medical Center in Pennsylvania will open a treatment center for internet addiction, the first of its kind in the United States. The 10-day outpatient program will specialize in treatin... READ THE FULL STORY