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Category: New! Improved!

Apple hasn't forgotten about your older iPhone or iPad

There may be shiny new iPhones coming out at the end of this week, but not everyone is ready (or wants) to upgrade. That's fine, since iOS 7 will be released to the public tomorrow, giving users of some older hardware a shiny new OS. But for those of you on ... READ THE FULL STORY

Touch ID is the defining feature of the iPhone 5s

The latest iteration of the iPhone has been unveiled, and while many of the improvements to the iPhone 5s are incremental, the addition of a fingerprint sensor to the home button may be the defining feature. The sensor unlocks your phone with a touch and can ... READ THE FULL STORY

Netflix gets personal with Profiles

Netflix's streaming and DVD library is pretty big, and without its recommendation engine there is a good chance of missing out on an awesome movie or TV series you've never heard of. However, if you shared your Netflix account with your spouse or family you ... READ THE FULL STORY

Who does photo hosting better? Google+ or Flickr?

Uploading your photos to the cloud is a great way to back them up. It keeps the files safe from any harm that might come to your computers and provides a simple outlet for sharing photos and showing them off. Earlier this year, Google+ updated its photo sect... READ THE FULL STORY

T-Mobile hoping you JUMP! ship from your current carrier

T-Mobile made splashes in the mobile industry earlier this year as it branded itself America's "Un-carrier." Although their pricing changes and new plans weren't as different from the norm as expected, it still signaled some changes to America's cellular carri... READ THE FULL STORY