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iOS gets a facelift with iOS 7

If you've been happy with the way your iOS has looked on your device for the last few years get ready for a big change. At Apple's World Wide Developer Conference earlier this year, the latest version of iOS was shown off and when it's officially released you... READ THE FULL STORY

AirPlay and Chromecast: the battle for your living room

It seems like forever ago when you'd be sitting at your couch watching something on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and were left sitting there, wishing you could share it with everyone in the room. Apple has offered a solution for this since 2010 call... READ THE FULL STORY

Wireless carrier upgrade plans compared

It looks like the US mobile provider market is getting more interesting. First, it was T-Mobile with their UnCarrier program, followed by JUMP!, then Verizon got on board with a new device payment plan. Now, AT&T is joining the party with Next. The great... READ THE FULL STORY

5 things Android does better than iOS

So you're an iPhone user, and you keep finding yourself casting longing glances at the giant screen on your friend's Galaxy Note II? Or maybe you really want a waterproof phone like the Sony Xperia Z. While you may end up giving up some iOS-only apps if you ... READ THE FULL STORY