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Category: How-To

How to turn a tablet into a writer's companion

Tablets are the perfect media consuming devices. They are portable, have high quality screens, long battery life, and, like the recently-updated Nexus 7, they can be a good value. Laptops can be expensive and desktops aren't mobile, but both are often seen a... READ THE FULL STORY

Automate your life with NFC

NFC, though still a burgeoning technology, has been on the scene for longer than you might think. Despite the long history of NFC's use, its full potential is only being realized now. If you have an Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone device with an NFC chip... READ THE FULL STORY

Push a little less paper in your life by going digital

You may be familiar with that scenario where you turn and your desk is piled up with paper statements, or maybe your coffee table has a huge stack of magazines. If this sounds familiar, perhaps it's time to eliminate some of this mess and switch to going pap... READ THE FULL STORY

Improving your home network

Home networking is something that we've come to rely on daily, whether it be wireless or wired. With more and more connected devices making their way into our lives, having a fast and reliable network is almost a must. While having a perfect network may not ... READ THE FULL STORY

Protect yourself from impulsive app purchases on Android

The rise of mobile gaming and entertainment continues as more and more smartphones and tablets find their way into people's hands. And while games generally are pretty cheap -- if not free -- this also means it's even easier to ring up a huge bill without no... READ THE FULL STORY

Protect your family's treasured digital memories

Precious family photos and your kids' school assignments could be lost in an instant if you aren't prepared. It's easy to think your files are safe on the hard drive in your computer, but a fire or flood could wipe those out faster than you could say "I don't ... READ THE FULL STORY

Use Evernote to supercharge your notes

So you just signed up for a fancy new cloud-based web service. Whether it's designed for storage, productivity, or to supplement something else you already use, there are bound to be tips and tricks you can use to enhance your experience. Here's how you can su... READ THE FULL STORY

Don't forget your charger when you travel

Whether it's that long-awaited vacation, a hectic business trip, or just another holiday with the relatives, the last thing you want on any trip is more stress. But just when you go to check your emails, Instagram a picture of your fabulous view, or maybe just... READ THE FULL STORY

Control all your computers with one mouse and keyboard

It's becoming common to have multiple computers lying around the house -- like owning both a desktop and a laptop, or a work and a play PC. Whatever the reasons may be, when it comes to making them work together within the same desk space it quickly slows do... READ THE FULL STORY

Manage your privacy settings like a boss

With so many social networks available, there is no shortage of tools for sharing -- but with so many ways to connect, managing your privacy across the networks can also be cumbersome. We've looked at some popular services to help you find how to get to th... READ THE FULL STORY