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Category: How-To

Never run out of lives in Candy Crush Saga

Sitting on the couch, laying in bed, or waiting at the airport, you've probably pulled out your smartphone or tablet for a quick fix of Candy Crush Saga. Except you've run out of lives, and now you're stuck waiting....and waiting. Don't worry, there ... READ THE FULL STORY

Wipe sensitive info from your iOS device before you sell

As we approach Apple's (now) annual fall iPhone event, it's no surprise that many are planning on selling their current iOS device in preparation for the latest and greatest from Cupertino. With rumors of an iPhone trade-in program already underway, as well as... READ THE FULL STORY

High-tech methods of hosting a low-cost wedding

Whether it's your first marriage or your third, there's always one piece of advice that wedding planning websites and wedding planners will always give: decide what's important to you and budget accordingly. However, it doesn't mean that if you skimp on som... READ THE FULL STORY

Erase personal data from your computer with ease

No matter how hard you try to protect your privacy, your computer probably has some of your most sensitive data stored on it somewhere. While that information might not seem easily accessible, it often is, and needs to be wiped if you plan on upgrading, sellin... READ THE FULL STORY

Use a tablet to edit photos on the go

A good tablet can be an effective tool for getting work done. When it comes to photography, either for work or just as a hobby, getting the right shot means being active and being ready. With the right apps and the right equipment, a powerful, portable tablet... READ THE FULL STORY

Everything you need to know before ditching your landline

With the rise of internet-based services like Google Voice and Skype, calling your friends and family has become easier and more cost effective than ever before. The process is so easy that one might start to wonder if it makes any sense to still maintain a ... READ THE FULL STORY

The best places to find and download free e-books

With your new (or old and weathered!) e-book reader in hand, you might be wondering where you can acquire e-books for free. Sure, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and even Kobo have extensive e-book stores, but what if you're already over your book budget for this mo... READ THE FULL STORY