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Category: Don't Do It!

To share, or not to share, that is the question

You know that cute photo, cool video game, hot movie, or that terrific new song you found online and wanted to share with at least a dozen people off the bat? You may want to check and see if it's free to share -- and what actions you do every day that may p... READ THE FULL STORY

Walk... don't text, when you cross the street

We love our gadgets. Every time we go for a walk, we have our headphones on. We read texts or watch video clips when we get bored. Unfortunately, that same boredom we're trying to avoid might have been saving our lives. As a recent Wired column has reminded u... READ THE FULL STORY

The Cynic's Guide to Kickstarter

Kickstarter helps empower consumers and creators by letting the market know that their needs aren't being met. This crowdfunding community supported a smartwatch and a video game console; it even helped an old game get a second chance when investors only saw i... READ THE FULL STORY

Should you pre-order an Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

Sony and Microsoft have been dueling it out for the past few months to earn the highest number of pre-sales -- and most consumers are now being put on waitlists to pre-order these next-gen systems. While this kind of hype would put any gamer in a buying mood... READ THE FULL STORY

Your smartphone's camera isn't for spying

Anyone who owns a smartphone, it seems, instantly becomes an amateur photographer, posting their latest findings on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter -- the ability to share seems endless. But in this age where we're always connected, recent ethical questions sur... READ THE FULL STORY

Please don't use your iPad as a camera

You've seen them at concerts, in malls, and maybe even at a few family gatherings, and you probably shake your head every single time -- unless you happen to be one of them. I'm talking, of course, about iPad photographers, holding their tablets up at shoulde... READ THE FULL STORY