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Category: Digital Life

Your Facebook friends may affect your credit score

Credit scores are a confusing aspect of a consumer's financial life. Credit cards, loans, debt-to-income, and your Facebook friends all can contribute to your credit rating. Yes, we said Facebook friends -- credit companies are now looking at your friend list... READ THE FULL STORY

Watch what you tweet, it could land you in jail

Your parents always told you not to say something you couldn't take back. Never has this been more true than in the case of social media, where the wrong post, comment or tweet could mean the difference between winning and losing a court case. In the case of 1... READ THE FULL STORY

Will using a fitness device help you become more fit?

For the last few years, fitness devices have been all the rage. While some wear them just for the fashion statement, many wear them for their intended purpose -- fitness tracking. But, could buying one of these devices actually help you become more active or f... READ THE FULL STORY

Are cellphones ruining your eyes?

Computers, smartphones, and tablets all have nice, bright, crisp screens that we look at everyday. One optometrist from Britain is defining our sudden rise in close device usage as 'screen sightedness'. What may seem like harmless reading or fun may actually ... READ THE FULL STORY

How private is your email, really?

Email has been the lifeblood of the Internet for decades. It's where private interactions, business transactions, personal correspondence, and fiscal information are transferred and stored. And because its communication is person to person and not publicly d... READ THE FULL STORY

Use your smartphone or tablet to enhance your TV watching

Twitter has reportedly been testing a new TV trending feature which displays a card at the top of your feed related to different television shows. Through that card you can view all trending information about that television program, as well as links to websi... READ THE FULL STORY

The best digital tools for the newly engaged couple

Maybe it was the look in her eyes when the minister pronounced your friends to be officially married. Or maybe it was the way he didn't automatically blanch when your parents asked for the millionth time when you were going to get hitched. Or maybe you and you... READ THE FULL STORY