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Category: Digital Life

Build your own phone with Phonebloks

Phonebloks is a new concept for cell phones that lets you pick-and-mix your handset's components and upgrade them separately, one at a time. Need a better camera? Swap out the camera block and keep the rest of the mobile intact. Want extra battery life? Inst... READ THE FULL STORY

It's okay to be an iPhone 5 in a 5s world

Beauty is fleeting. When it comes to iPhones, it's about one year before your latest phone is made obsolete. Unfortunately for those who like to stay ahead of the curve, cellphone contracts are usually two years long. This means that every other year, we have... READ THE FULL STORY

Is ownership of physical objects a thing of the past?

In 1985 Madonna sang, "We are living in a material world." The song "Material Girl" became a big hit, reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song certainly seemed apt for the 1980s, a time associated with capitalism and consumption. But times change. ... READ THE FULL STORY

Could an iPad be your child's new teacher?

School districts around the world are buying iPads in record numbers, with Texas and Michigan school districts using the tablets to supplement their curricula. In the case of several Dutch schools, the tablets have begun to replace textbooks outright, and edu... READ THE FULL STORY

Time to go on a diet from binge-watching TV?

There is no shortage of digital video content available to consumers due in part to services like Netflix, Amazon Instant, HBO Go, iTunes, Hulu, and more. With these video-on-demand services it's easy for someone to quickly catch up on a current drama or come... READ THE FULL STORY

Your next birthday greeting won't have a stamp attached

In the current digital age there are so many ways to interact or keep in touch with friends and family. There is no shortage of messaging services from Snapchat to Google Talk, and with Facebook connecting everyone, it's even easier to communicate. So with th... READ THE FULL STORY