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Category: Buy this, not that!

Why new consoles are some of the best buys in tech

With the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One being released this fall, gamers and parents of gamers will have to decide whether it's time to buy the latest gaming consoles. But with so many new electronic devices to choose from, like tablets, portable media player... READ THE FULL STORY

Which iPhone, which network, and why?

This week, Apple announced two new iPhones, and just in case you're thinking that it's time to buy one, we've collected and condensed what we think are the big things to take into consideration when you buy one. From carrier to the actual phones, we'll help yo... READ THE FULL STORY

Which handheld gaming system is right for you?

Gamers on the go have a ton of options in this day and age. There's the PlayStation Vita, the Nintendo 3DS (and 2DS), and even the Apple iPod touch, the latter of which could be considered a value option for casual and hardcore gamers. But few of us have the... READ THE FULL STORY

Etsy under assault by Asian knock-offs

Etsy has been a great resource for creative types looking to sell their handmade wares online, but be careful what you buy on there -- that charming "handmade" item might actually be an Asian knock-off constructed in a factory.... READ THE FULL STORY

Do you still need to buy a TiVo?

TiVo shook up the TV viewing world in 1999 by releasing a digital video recorder (DVR) that would eventually become a fixture in many people's living rooms. Fast forward to 2013, and TiVo is still at it with their new Roamio devices, but now major cable opera... READ THE FULL STORY

The little fee from your cable company that adds up

Cable bills are the one monthly cost that continues to drive people crazy with high prices. We've previously gone over how to trim some fat from your bill but there is one section we'd like to call out even more: your cable modem fee. That seemingly small fe... READ THE FULL STORY

Do you still need an alarm clock?

Unless you rise with the sun, or happen to have a rooster roaming around your house, you probably have owned an alarm clock. Set it the night before, and it goes off in the morning, awakening you with a loud blaring siren, music or inane chatter from your fav... READ THE FULL STORY

6 reasons you probably don't need a DSLR

So you're all packed for your vacation, and have everything taken care of except for the camera. Sure, you've got one on your phone, and you may even have a point-and-shoot model. But for those priceless vacation snaps, maybe it's worth splurging on a DSLR (... READ THE FULL STORY