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Lock away temptation with the Kitchen Safe

A new gadget dubbed the Kitchen Safe gives you the power to keep temptation -- whether it's a box of cookies, or your PlayStation controller -- out of arm's reach for a set length of time. The easy-to-use time lock on top of the safe can be set for between one minute and 10 days, so you can pace your candy, chocolate, or even your mobile phone consumption as you wish.

The Kitchen Safe was invented by MIT grad student David Krippendorf, who enlisted the help of fellow student Ryan Tseng and his brother Nick to tackle the project. Retailing for $39.95, the safe is battery powered, built out of 4mm-thick acrylic, and can be safely refrigerated. Developed over the course of a year, the Kitchen Safe's design has been refined through several prototypes after launching on Kickstarter. A transparent see-through edition and an opaque white model are available.

Krippendorf describes the safe as "a fun and easy way to avoid temptation." His partner in the venture, Ryan Tseng, emphasizes the work that's gone into its construction: "The goal when designing The Kitchen Safe was to create a high-quality product that works well, looks good and is fun to use. The LCD display was custom developed to incorporate large, high-contrast characters for easy viewing."

The safe certainly looks clean and well put together, but its main appeal lies in its versatility: you can stick anything from kids toys to sugary sweets in the safe to make sure you (or your children) aren't having too much of a good thing. It isn't quite iPad-sized, but you can pop in television remotes, computer mice, and even cash, as well as those foods that you shouldn't eat to excess. The timer offers you plenty of flexibility too: not only could you use it to avoid chocolate for a week, you could also take advantage of the shorter interval settings to make sure one box of popcorn lasted an entire movie, for example. You can order the Kitchen Safe at its official website.