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Never run out of lives in Candy Crush Saga

Sitting on the couch, laying in bed, or waiting at the airport, you've probably pulled out your smartphone or tablet for a quick fix of Candy Crush Saga. Except you've run out of lives, and now you're stuck waiting....and waiting. Don't worry, there is a simple workaround to get you back your lives so you can keep on playing.

If you've been itching to play Candy Crush Saga longer, but don't want to pony up extra cash, there are a few simple steps to make it possible.

First off, this will only work on an iPhone or iPad. Sorry, Android users!

Open up Settings, tap on "General," and look for "Date & Time":

Look for the setting that says "Set Automatically," and tap to turn it off.

Now just set the clock a few hours in the future.

That's it! You can go back to tapping away and racking up more points to make your friends jealous. Just remember to turn the Set Automatically setting back to "On" or you may be missing some future appointments elsewhere.