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Get real-time stats at the ball game with Google Glass

​We've discussed Google Glass before and its potential impact on social situations. But as more software developers start to play around with the device we're getting a larger glimpse of all it can offer. One possible area of use is in sports, as one developer shows us how much more informative baseball games can be.

Baseball stadiums have always displayed information for the viewers in attendance. Pitch speed, batting order, batter stats, and more are displayed on large screens for the whole stadium to see. While this is an easy way to take in information, sometimes you may not want to look away from the game or perhaps you're sitting in a way that doesn't make it easy to see.

One developer (and former gdgt employee), Aaron Draczynski, is looking to change that with Blue. Blue will determine which game you're at using geolocation, and deliver relevant information right to your Google Glass. Blue provides you with stats for the players, play-by-play descriptions, and will even give you the pitch type and speed. Check out the video demonstration below to see Blue in action.

This shows how creative some software developers are getting with Google Glass. While some users may not need instant social network updates delivered to them, or other unnecessary distractions, Glass can provide more meaningful data given the situation. Sports is certainly an area that provides endless possibilities thanks to its real-time data collection. Next time you're at the game wondering if that pitch just missed the plate, it could be as simple as looking at Glass.