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Find everything but your iPhone with these apps

The mystery of where you last placed/lost your iPhone is easily solved, as the many success stories of Apple's Find My iPhone reveal. But as young as smartphones are, mankind still struggles to answer one of life's never-ending questions: where the heck did I put my keys...and my wallet, for that matter? Well, there are apps to help with that.


The SmartWallit ecosystem consists of a small piece of hardware that slips into your wallet combined with a dedicated iOS app, and can help you track down your misplaced wallet. Rather than hurriedly tearing through your house to find it, you open the app on your iPhone and signal the wallet to let out a chirping noise. It also keeps a log of when and where you use it while you're out and about, which may help you pinpoint which lost and found to check if your wallet does go missing.

My StuffFinder

This app allows you to record a multitude of things, but its in-app GPS pinpointing makes it great for logging the location of your car so you can find it later. The app also lets you take a picture or make an audio note to further help locate your vehicle or whatever other item you record later on.


Similar to the SmartWallit system, the Hone combines a piece of hardware with a dedicated iPhone app to help locate your misplaced keys. Hone attaches to your keychain, and isn't much bigger than the electronic remote that comes with most cars. The Hone app connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0, and through the app you can tell the device to begin beeping and flashing, turning the hunt for your keys into a modern day version of Marco Polo.

Photo: Ingrid Taylar