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Party on celebrity beaches legally with Our Malibu Shores

The rich might be different from you and me, but in Malibu at least, the beaches they claim as theirs are actually fair game for anyone to use -- and a new app can show you how to get to them.

Our Malibu Beaches by Escape Apps helps undercut demands of "Get off my property!" by showing users how they have access to the Malibu Coastline -- and the sneaky techniques the rich and famous have been using for years to keep people off the sand.

The application, which retails for $1.99 in the iOS App Store with an Android version coming this fall, lets beachgoers enjoy the sandy shores of the rich and famous, while offering ways to legally circumvent any security or angry homeowners who might get in the way.

As reported by The New York Times, the app was developed by environmental writer Jenny Price to help visitors to the Malibu coastline legally access the beaches, which are often blocked off by "No Trespassing" signs, fences, locks, and more, despite the California Coastal Commission making the beaches legally accessible to everyone.

This includes properties owned by the likes of musical mega-producer David Geffen, former Disney head Michael Eisner, and more. As explained to The Verge, many of these homeowners have illegally created false fronts to dissuade visitors from using the beach, including fake garages with sealed-shut doors.

Even though the beaches of the Malibu Coastline have been open to the public since the Coastal Act of 1976, it's often difficult to determine just where the legal dividing line is between private property and public beach. The line can be anywhere from below the high-tide mark to the dry sand behind a property that has recently received a zoning ordinance allowing it to remodel -- a new deck could mean that dry sand behind a property is open to the public. So it can be a bit complicated to just figure out where you're allowed to stand behind each house -- and the constant stream of dissuading signs and misinformation perpetuated by homeowners doesn't help. And that's where the "Our Malibu Beaches" app comes in.

The app, which raised more than $32,000 in a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, provides a map of legally-accessible areas, locations of hidden public entryways, and even advice for dealing with the likes of fake "No Parking" signs and homeowners who might claim you're trespassing.

Unsurprisingly, the app has already encountered resistance from these homeowners -- at the launch party, an irate homeowner blasted Mudvayne from their house to try to get the party to leave. It didn't work.

Photo: Łukasz Lech