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Could putting gadgets in your mouth help you diet or quit smoking?

If you were looking to quit smoking or need help sticking to a diet, there may be some digital assistance on the way.

A team of researchers at National Taiwan University have built an accelerometer-based oral sensory system capable of identifying how your mouth is being used based on the movement of your teeth. The prototype sensors, which were placed in the mouths of eight test subjects, correctly recognized each person's oral behavior up to 94 percent of the time.

The team, according to the podcast, is now looking to construct a wireless version of the sensor that could fit either inside a fake tooth or be attached to a pair of braces, thus allowing you (or your doctor or loved ones) to monitor if you've been eating or smoking and exactly how much.

Such a project isn't alone. For example, we've previously discussed the HAPIfork, currently being developed across the pond by French engineer Jacques Lépine and his team at HAPILABS, and billed as the world's first smart connected fork. The utensil, which measures how quickly you're eating, encourages you to slow down by buzzing when you go too fast. As a result, you'll be able to improve the way you feel after every meal, enhance your digestion, and help reduce your weight, while improving your overall health in return.

Back at National Taiwan University, the team has stated that they are working on their next prototype, which will integrate wireless communications and recharging capabilities as well as improving the device's sensor accuracy. The group will then begin working with collaborators in the dental field to improve the safety of the device.

With various developing technologies monitoring how you're eating and providing feedback, it's time to come up with some creative excuses if you gain weight this month...