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Netflix gets personal with Profiles

Netflix's streaming and DVD library is pretty big, and without its recommendation engine there is a good chance of missing out on an awesome movie or TV series you've never heard of. However, if you shared your Netflix account with your spouse or family you may be familiar with how inconsistent recommendations can get thanks to different viewing habits. As of this morning Netflix is hoping to improve personalization by introducing Profiles.

Profiles is a feature that will be available to anyone with a Netflix account, regardless of their plan choice. It will allow you to create a profile for each member of the household, which means no more queue sharing. The most important result of this is that each member will be able to get better recommendations and other personalization from Netflix, since each profile now has its own queue and viewing history.

Netflix will also let you connect each profile to your Facebook account. By doing so, Netflix will pull in your profile image to use as your avatar on Netflix. According to Netflix the benefit of connecting your profile is that it all be "providing friends-based suggestions and further personalizing the discovery experience."

Profiles are rolling out globally as of August 1, so if you don't see the option yet, don't panic. Currently profiles can be accessed from the Netflix website, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, AppleTV and most smart TVs. Netflix will continue rolling out support for other devices over the coming months.