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Weird connected devices you didn't know you needed, until now

One of the greatest things about living in a connected world are the niche products. Now that the big holes have been filled by Apple and Google and Microsoft, the nooks and crannies are being addressed by people who have ideas that may or may not apply to everyone. There have always been fringe products sold in late-night TV spots and in SkyMall magazines on jets everywhere but what defines today's weird gadgets is connectivity, to the Internet, to your smartphone, and to each other. Check out these weird connected devices you never thought you needed. Until now.

The Egg Minder

Perhaps the first smart egg tray, the Egg Minder is an internet connected egg tray that lets you know how many eggs you have left and how long they've been there. It connects to an app on your phone which lets you know in real time how your eggs are doing. While eggs might not be everyone's biggest worry, anybody who has ever gone to the grocery store and forgot what they needed has probably thought to themselves at some point, if only trays could talk.

The HAPIfork

Regulating how much you eat can be tough. Well, what if your utensils did that for you? That's where HAPIfork comes in. It's a fork that records how fast and how much you eat, sending that data to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It also vibrates and lights up to let you know when you're chowing down too hard and need to ease up. Think of it as pedometer for your mouth, only the idea here is to go slower.

The Beam Brush

After you've regulated your eating you may want to regulate the way you brush your teeth as well. The Beam Brush is a manual toothbrush that has sensors for detecting how long and how often you brush. It syncs with your smartphone or tablet to store the data so you can see your progress. It also has a light which flashes on when you've been brushing for two minutes so you know you've done a good job. Now your mom won't have to stand behind you to make sure you brushed right, since your benevolent toothbrush is always watching.

The Barman

The Barman is a Bluetooth-enabled drink making assistant that tells you how much of each ingredient you need to make your favorite cocktails. You choose the drink in your Barman app and then you place your glass on the Barman and pour. You can also input your own drinks into the app in case a friend really wants you to save that awesome drink he invented (pro tip: it's usually whatever was in the fridge plus vodka). But you won't need the Barman to tell you you've had too much to drink, though -- just like the HAPIfork, your head will buzz to let you know it's time.

Lixil Satis smart toilet

Have you ever left the bathroom and thought, crap, did I flush? Well if you're living in Japan, peace of mind is only an app away. The Japanese company Lixil has a toilet that can connect with an Android app to completely control all parts of this luxury commode. In addition to being able to flush via Bluetooth, you can also turn on the Satis' speakers, heated seat, cleaning mode, and raise the lid. You didn't know what luxury was until just now.

Pillow Talk

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. With Pillow Talk, you could potentially know how fond. By wearing a bracelet that connects to your smartphone, Pillow Talk will transmit your heartbeat to your loved one and their heartbeat to you through headphones or a separately-sold pillow speaker. Like actual pillow talk, this will probably be something you want to keep to yourself.


This last one isn't really a connected device but you can say that it has connected functionality. DropShades are a pair of shutter shades that light up to the music playing around you like an equalizer. While they don't come with an app or record data, these shades serve a dual purpose of alerting others that the person wearing them has not changed since 2007 and should probably be avoided at all costs.